T-Shirt Image Transfer Strategies and Printing Processes

T-Shirt Image Transfer strategies and Printing Processes

Screen Printing
A screen printer burns a stencil of your style onto mesh screens (one screen for every design color), sets the screens up in a printing press, and pushes ink through the stencil onto your blank product. Screen printing is Custom Ink’s specialty.

Digital Printing
Digital printing works like a larger, stronger version of the inkjet printer you may have at home for printing on paper. Semi-opaque “process” inks mix together to make a large spectrum of colours on your shirt. Custom Ink uses this methodology for low quantity orders and a few full-color designs if we tend to verify that digital printing can yield the most effective results.

Dye Sublimation
Dye sublimation printers use heat to transfer dye onto materials like polyester. A reverse of your design is written on paper and so a heat press is employed to transfer the dye from the paper to the material fibers. Dye sublimation isn’t ordinarily used for T-shirt printing.

Heat Transfers
Heat transfers are created by printing your design onto special paper and so ironing the design from the paper onto your product. Heat transfers aren’t as sturdy as alternative decoration strategies, thus deviantTshirts doesn’t supply this service.

Air Brush
Airbrushing is a decoration technique that utilizes a small spray gun to apply color to a material. this system produces a graffiti impact and is simulated in a range of fonts (such as Acidic).

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